Why I Love Niteflirt

Niteflirt is the coolest place in the world for an independent phone sex girl like me! It's also a great place for you guys who want to find a flirty, fun, phone sex girl to talk to! It's safe, easy, and secure, and that's a win for everyone!

So here's how it works: you put some money (any amount is fine, but I recommend a lot, because you can always use it later. I HATE getting interrupted by the computer asking for more money...it always happens at the most FUN times!) into your account, and then you pick the Niteflirt girl (me, natch!) you want to talk to, and you just press the "call now" button. (like the one at the bottom of this post...*hint hint*)

Niteflirt calls you on the number you specified (it usually shows up as 800-863-5478, but it can show up differently...so ANSWER the phone!) and it asks you to press one to take the call. After you accept on your end, it will call the girl you specified, (ME!!!) and ask her to press one to accept the call. Then you are both connected to each other, and can begin a fun phone sex call!

So you never see her number/real name, and she never sees yours. That way everyone is protected (because, well...there are some *interesting* people out there!) and all you have to do is enjoy your Niteflirt phone sex call!! 

Ready for some phone sex fun? Call me!!! 


Honey Creams (for you!)

1-800-863-5478 EXT 9743953

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