The Niteflirt Diaries Part One

So yesterday I had several older gentlemen call me on Niteflirt. They are my favorite to play phone sex with! I don't really know why, I guess it's just...they let me be me, and seem to have so much fun with it! One guy just wanted to talk about like what I do with the guys I go out with. I think he found out more than he expected to!!! Seriously, if you're calling a taboo teen slut on her phone sex listing, expect raunchy! *giggle*

One guy had a spanking fetish!!! OTK spanking has always been a favorite of mine! (well, ever since I realized it could be sexy and not JUST punishment!) Now I enjoy it for punishment AND to get me even more excited!! We talked about a lot of spanking things during our Niteflirt phone sex call, and even *I* learned some things I didn't know! We're going to watch spanking videos next time he calls! *YaY*!!!

Then this other guy called my phone sex line and wanted ME to tell HIM what to do as he was jacking off! I've had plenty of men tell ME what to do, but I sure wasn't expecting that! OMG!! It was SO fun!!!! I got to giggle at him and tease him, make him stop just when it was getting good, make him beg me to let him continue...WHO KNEW how much fun that could be?!!! I LOVE Niteflirt!

I am learning SO MUCH about phone sex, and men (especially older men!) just by logging into Niteflirt every day!!! This is the most fun I've had since I got kicked out of Disneyland! (it involved two characters in chipmunk costumes, baby oil, and a see through top...)

So, just let me say thank you to the wonderful customers I already have, and to the guys who are getting ready to becum my phone sex buddies! You all ROCK!!


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