Cum on My Face

I really love cum. It's so sticky and gooey. It's kind of like saying "job well done", or "good girl". I do love being a good girl and making that cum come out so hard and fast. I love it when it squirts all over my body, in my pussy, on my ass and in my hair. But I love it even more when a guy cums on my face.

I know it's supposed to be degrading and icky or messy, but I'm not getting that. It's like...the icing on the cake, ya know? Stick, yummy, gooey, icing and it's all for me! *slurp*

So, when you call me on my niteflirt phone sex line, expect it to get a little...sticky and messy, and expect me to love every drop! Cuz I will! And I will thank you for it, too!

Please call me and cum on my face. I will be such a good girl for you!

~Honey Creams (for you!)

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